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   Originally from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Camilla has always been interested in Architecture and creating new spaces for new stories to come to life. She has graduated in Architecture from one of the best public Universities in the country, UFF - Universidade Federal Fluminense, where she has learned a lot, not only about Architecture but about society and integration, since there, she was able to meet people from completly different backgrounds, stories and life experiences.

   Her passion for Set Design and the Art Department in Film and TV, started in 2014. While interning in a company, helping design sets for exhibitions and events, she was called to be part of a Feature Film, (Line Walker), a production from Hong Kong that was being shot in Rio, and for 20 days non stop, she helped design and create sets for that production.

   It was an amazing opportunity and from that time on, she started working as a freelancer in different projects, like, TV Series and Feature Films back in Brazil.

   She moved to Los Angeles in 2018 where she graduated from UCLA Extension in Entertainment Studies and from then on has been participating in different productions such as films, music videos, commercials and more. 


   Her journey in LA continues as she is always seeking new opportunities to create new worlds and experiences through design.

"We are our choices"

J. P. Sartre

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